5 Presidential Cocktails

What they drank while in the White House


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5 Presidential Cocktails Just in time for President's Day, we're searching into the depths of the White House kitchen.

In addition to the food post over on What's Cookin' (and an upcoming post to check out tomorrow on Snooth), we've sorted through everything published about the presidents' drink orders to dig up their cocktails of choice, all in hopes of uncovering the mystery of just what our past presidents were sipping on while governing this country.

While some presidents are famous for their libation preferences, others have kept tight lips about any drinking that went on behind the large, white columned doors. This is a collection of the five most agreed upon favorite cocktails of presidents of yore, plus we've included just how to make each of them!

So give yourself your own presidential service this President's Day and whip up one of these. Read on for the cocktails!

Photo courtesy Seansie via Flickr/CC

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