Bourbon Old-Fashioned


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Old-fashioned glass

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Old-fashioned glass


Variations on Bourbon Old-Fashioned

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Bourbon Old-Fashioned #2 (High Proof Bourbon) Bourbon Whiskey, Bitters, Orange Peel, Maraschino Cherry, Simple Syrup

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The Spirit User: rjpease
October 28, 2010
3:16 PM

This is probably my favorite cocktail on the planet, but i've never made it at home. Initially I was worried about the "muddling", but the teaspoon worked perfectly.

The Spirit User: vlemieux
December 1, 2010
2:36 PM

Simple and great cocktail. Try the same process with another of your favorite spirit, it will likely work as well.

Simple syrup can be used as well, making it a bit easier instead of sugar and water. I usually put just enough to cover the bottom of the glass.

The Spirit User: Bankshot
March 9, 2011
11:51 PM

Great cocktail. I prefer a small amount of simple syrup and no more than two dashes of bitters. Great cocktail to personalize too with all of the different types of bitters and bourbons/ryes they offer today. Also, i like a good twist of orange zest over the slice. Sometimes a slice can make it cloudy.