Gin and Tonic By J.Moniz

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Highball glass

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Highball glass



First put some ice in the glass, grab the glass by its tail and begin to do circles with it on the table, get quicker and quicker till the ice swings alongside the internal walls of the glass in making almost an horizontal line, do this for 20 seconds minimun till the glass gets cold but not frozen, split the water that ice melting may have cause. Now pour the gin on the glass, add the peper , now, with the aid of a spoon try to serve the tonic water without making any bubbles, rub the lime on the edge of the glass , take a lemon and rub opposite direction to the lime , place one lime wedge and one lemom wedge, let the coktail get the flavours by bouncing the cup softly , treat the cocktail as if it was to break in your hands but dont let it be quite. Now take a deep breath , smell the mixture and Drink, please do not drive or take any dangerous machine after it, Have fun with it

Other Variations on Gin and Tonic

Spirit Score: 45% 1 votes total
Hendrick's Gin and Tonic Hendrick's Gin, Tonic Water
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Gwen's Gin & Tonic Hendrick's Gin, Lime, Basil, Cucumber, Tonic Water
Spirit Score: 38% 0 votes total
Slow Gin and Tonic Gin, Sloe Gin, Lemon Juice, Tonic Water
Spirit Score: 36% 0 votes total
Gin and Tonic #2 Gin, Lemon, Pepper, Lime, Tonic Water
Spirit Score: 32% 1 votes total
Erin's Gin & Tonic Gin, Tonic Water, Grenadine Syrup

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1 Variation
Old-Fashioned Blended Whiskey, Bitters, Sugar Cube, Lemon, Cherry, Orange
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