"Passion" by Fernando

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Pina Colada Glass, Hurricane Glass



Depending on how strong of a Passion you want you can vary the size of the rum shots from as low as 1/4 to as much as one whole shot. Generally it is best to go with 1/2 shot of each of the four flavored rums so one does not overpower the other. The order in which you pour the liquors does not matter as they will be mixed vigorously at the end. Keep in mind you can use any brand that makes these types of rums. Generally, I've found the best tasting to be Malibu brand, when it comes to flavored rums. You can however, use Malbu and Bacardi flavored rums interchangeably. After pouring the liquor, pour a splash of sprite to add some fizz to the mix. After that, fill the rest of the glass/mixer (almost to the rim) with orange juice (no pulp juice is strongly recommended, unless you enjoy picking that stuff from your teeth later). Once the glass/mixer is filled add a dash of Grenadine for coloring and to add an extra sweetness to the drink. If you have a mixer, shake well. If using two cups, pour the mixture several times back and forth between cups until the drink turns a fiery reddish orange color. Pour into a Pina Colada Glass or a Hurricane Glass. Garnish with an orange peel or a thin orange slice placed gently on top of the finished drink, not on the rim of the glass. Enjoy.

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