Roux's Bloody Mary sans Bloody

 Submitted by Roux Franzel

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Old-fashioned glass

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Old-fashioned glass



Some ingredients are NOT on the SPRI.IT list and are therefore described below: 1. You can substitute pickle brine with peperoncini vinegar. 2. The celery salt and the onion powder should be replaced with a generous dose (about 3 pinches) of Herbamare Organic Herb seasoning salt. 3. Shake and pour over ice in a double rocks glass.


Funny story...I was craving a drink with pickle juice and vodka (of course, I'm not pregnant!) and plugged in the keywords in Google. I stumbled upon this site and found the Firefly Blood-tea Mary to have MOST of the ingredients I possessed and craved. However, I only had regular vodka and lemon juice and know Lemon-tea vodka. I debated on brewing tea but concluded the process would take too long and I wanted a drink NOW. The recipe was missing pickle juice and I was missing onion read more...

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The Spirit User: Roux Franzel
Roux Franzel
December 22, 2012
2:20 AM

I have tried to edit my description three times to no avail. It should read, "However, I only had regular vodka and lemon juice and no Firefly Lemon-tea vodka."