The "Perfect" Martini

 Submitted by John Soderquist

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Into a standard martini shaker filled with fresh-from-freezer (from filtered water) ice cubes (not craked or crushed), drip in (use spoon held with the forefinger over the vermouth bottle opening to control amount) as little vermouth as possible onto the ice cubes.* Immediately strain out the liquid assuming you added more than one (1) drop (Alternatively, you can add the vermouth by spraying the ice cubes once with the martini mister. You want one drop of vermouth total). Pour four (4) ounces of chilled Tanqueray gin into the shaker, and gently shake or stir ~10-15 seconds.** Let stand a few seconds and strain into a straight-up frosted martini glass containing one (only one) large Santa Barbara olive.*** Use the spoon or a stirrer to swirl the olive around a bit to blend a hint of the olive flavor into the drink. That is my perfect martini. *Italian Martini-Rossi dry vermouth or French Noilly Prat (I think that they both might be owned by Bacardi). Either are fine. **Tanqueray 94.6 proof doubly-distilled (in Scotland). I prefer this (cost, taste) to the quadruply-distilled No. Ten, which is also perfectly satisfactory. Store in refrigerator (38 deg F (~4 deg C) (Important). I have flirted with many types of gin (Bombay, Beefeaters, Gordons and many others). In my opinion, none measure up to the taste of Tanqueray dry. I will describe a second type of martini below which uses Bombay Sapphire gin. ***Santa Barbara large Sevillano olive hand-stuffed with a Habanero pepper - very hot. A large pimento-stuffed olive (Haddon House or other) can be substituted or other Santa Barbara Olive Company olives can also be used. Some don't like it hot.


As I am rapidly approaching my 66th year on this planet, I am reminded of another's 66th birthday in the spring of 1978 (actually May 22) and my opportunity to teach the late, great Professor H. C. Brown the fine points of making the perfect martini. While I doubt that he ever used the instructions which I gave him (he preferred a glass of beer), it was a truly delightful experience because he asked me many questions during our conversation to make certain that I had carefully read more...

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