Sara Kay

Sara Kay

Assistant Editor at Snooth. Current cocktail of choice: dirty gin martini, straight up, heavy on the olive juice.

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kate statton

Kate Statton

Former editor at Snooth. Excited to be learning more about all things food, wine and spirits!

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Amanda Schuster

Amanda Schuster

Wine and spirits writer/consultant/marketer. Spirits expert w in depth knowledge of Spanish, Portuguese and Loire/Languedoc wines (you might say "bi-spiritual.") NYC born and bred food lover. Sometime jewelry designer. Overall broad about town.

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Shari Curry

Shari S Curry is one serious Mixologist. You can find her at Rivoli Restaurant in Berkeley, CA creating seasonal libations as Cocktail Program Lead. An avid writer, she is currently working on a seasonal, nutrition based cocktail recipe book.

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Dawn Diffenderffer-Baker

If I could roller skate, I would definitely be a derby girl, but only for the cursing part. I'm a self taught cook, and love to entertain in my Baltimore home with my beloved husband, Joe, and two misfit dogs, Baxter and Archie.

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Hana Choi

Hana Choi

Editor at Snooth. Learning to love food and wine more and more each day. Let me know what you're interested in!

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Kristin Watts

Lover and student of all wines and wine experiences with a retail background, an Intermediate WSET Certificate from the International Wine Center, and an intense passion for wine. It's go time!

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